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Hey everyone!

I just got an incredible DM from a brand that sent me complimentary product to create content with. I just posted the reel I made for them, and they absolutely loved it! …they messaged me asking for a media kit/rate card.

I have some pricing in mind for the content creation (social media specifically, no blog posts) for either static photo or reel.

How did you go about pricing your content creation services?


Congratulations! I’m always impressed by people who can just get creative with Reels. I’m into the watching, not making. :wink: You are a very creative person - it shines through!

I’m not able to chime in much about this but I do know we have an episode to help you get some clarity!

Congrats! That’s amazing!

This isn’t actually my advice (someone gave it to me and I can’t remember who …)

Start with estimating how long it’ll take you to make the product they’re asking for including cooking, shooting and editting etc.

Figure out what you want your hourly rate to be (if you have a day job you could use that rate as a starting point).

Multiply the hourly rate by the estimated hours and then add on cost of materials, groceries, anything else you think makes sense to add.

Multiply the whole thing by how much profit you want to make - maybe this is 1.4 or something - and then that would be your rate.

As an example, say you were offering to make another reel, and you think it will take you 3 hours including cooking etc. If you assume you want an hourly rate of 25$, and then you have 40$ of expenses, then you could charge:

  • 3 hours x 25$/hour + 40 $ of expenses = 115 $
  • 115 $ x 1.4 (profit) = 160 $

Obviously the actual values here are still something you have to determine but I think what’s nice about this approach is it’s a little easier for me to wrap my head around estimating each of these components then it is for me to just come up with a rate off the top of my head! It also makes it easy to scale it depending on if they end up asking for a reel and an instagram photo or something like that.

The last thing that you could add on is a fee for the “rights” to your content. I.e. if they’re asking for a photo that they can then use in their own marketing whenever they want then that access is probably worth something to you as well so you can charge for that.

Hope that helps a bit!

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