Question about ads

In your experience, what is a good number of in-content ads per post to keep a good user experience and not get rid of revenue altogether? TIA!

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Honestly, I just do what my ad company recommends. Maybe not the greatest way to do it, but it’s worked well so far.

Thank you! I listened to one of the TopHatRank webinars on this topic at some point and they were saying that it is better to not follow what the ad company recommends as it creates a really bad user experience. Ugh, hard to decide what to do!

Ad companies are able to curate any kind of ad experience you’d like, so if you feel you have too many consider experimenting and see how it affects revenue. I personally don’t experiment much with ads in my posts, but I do pare way back on my home page. Every blogger has different standards and some are more concerned about it than others. I’d say that there’s probably no “perfect” number of ads, but instead just what feels right for YOU.