Proofreading method

Hey there! New blogger here👋

Is there a recommended way to share a blog post with a handful of readers and testers before the post gets published to my general readership/Google?

Would the only way to do that with all photos, widgets and plug ins be to take like a bunch of screen shots of the post? Or is there some other way you might suggest I do this?

Hi @Adam_Sobel

I have a couple of questions. First, which platform is your blog on? Wordpress, Squarespace, something else?

Second, what is your goal in sharing a blog post before it goes to general readership or Google? Are you wanting someone to proofread it, to look at the layout, to test the recipe, etc?

I did a quick Google search and it looks like there’s a way to publish posts on Wordpress that are password protected. I haven’t done it, but I’m assuming that means you could publish them then send the password to those you’d like to review it before publishing it to a general audience.

Wordpress has an article about how to do it here: How to Password Protect a WordPress Page to Limit Content Visibility – Go WordPress

Hope that’s helpful!

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I have done sponsored work where I had to show the blog post before publishing. I can’t remember exactly but I use an plugin that created a preview link they could view for 24 hours that showed the post how it would look. I am sure what Taryn suggest would be a great option.

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