Productivity Session Schedule!

Hello everyone!

Productivity sessions are returning! We had great attendance and feedback and will be resuming sessions.

If you haven’t heard of them previously, these are FREE productivity work sessions where we’ll get on a Zoom call and work “together” using the Pomodoro method .

This is a great way to get focused and get a lot done in a short timeframe. Let’s utilize this community to reach our goals, one work session at a time!

Here are the details.
WHO: this is for all food bloggers in the EBT community!
WHAT: 1-hour long work sessions, consisting of two, 25 minute time blocks with a break in between. Sessions will be led by Taryn Solie, EBT Community Manager.
WHERE: these will be virtual Zoom calls (link below)
WHEN: Every Monday at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific (additional dates/times being discussed, stay tuned)

Each session will start promptly, so come in as soon as you can!

Zoom link is here:

Please post any questions you have below and we’ll answer them. Hope to see you there!