Process Shots

Curious how deep everyone goes with process shots. I find my creativity lost by the time I get to the final hero shot even with planning my shots out ahead of time. I probably need to be more in depth with my planning process but wonder how many “sauteed onions” shots my readers need vs what SEO/Google would like? I tend to do more process shots than not so maybe I’m doing too many?

Would love to hear how everyone balances this! Thanks!

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I used to take photos of almost every step and it was draining. Now I just use process shots for the main parts or when I want to show how something should look. I really try not to have more than 6 process shots per shoot, and then I collage them into groups of 2 so there are really only 3 process shot photos to scroll past (if that makes sense). If I can use less, I do.


It’s the every step ones that get me for sure. I think I have it in my head that they have to be there to make the recipe complete based on advice from Casey et al, but given that we hear “just give us the recipe” and the process shots shouldn’t be in the recipe card - it all feels a little contradictory.

I do process shots, but definitely limit them. I rarely use photos of bowls full of flour and salt, for example. I’d say on average I take about 3 process shots per recipe. Some bloggers do WAY more and I think that’s fine, too!

I know what you mean @LoriMurphy about losing creativity by the time the hero shot arrives!


I try to capture the most important steps where a visual would be most helpful. On my blog, the process shots are always 2 step collages, I don’t do a full image unless it’s really necessary to show something.


I do a lot. Every step pretty much. I don’t think it’s the best way. It’s just one of the ways I differentiate myself but it depends on your audience.