Pricing for Recipe & Photo for Brand Website

What is fair compensation for a full recipe and an image to be featured on a brand’s website with link back to my own?

It seems they want me to do this for free but I am trying to figure out the best way to respond because while a link back is great, it doesn’t pay the bills. Also, I don’t want to burn the bridge here because it’s a brand I really like. Any advice would be great! TIA!


@Katie My thoughts are that even if you really like the brand, do not do this for free. They will respect you for valuing yourself if they’re a great brand to work with.
Considering the quality of your recipes and photos and experience your work and time is VALUABLE.

Is the content already on your site and they’ll be linking directly to it from their site? Or is this entirely new content?

I charge brands $2k for recipe development and 1 photograph. That is for entirely new content. I hope other chime in, but I wouldn’t go lower than $1k for recipe + hero shot considering your experience level.

**Full disclosure… I’ve been working on composing this reply for days since my husband has been in and out of the hospital and things have been tenuous here, so I really hope it makes sense! :crazy_face:


Makes complete sense, @Megan! I hope all is well with your husband and I hope he is feeling better soon!

Thanks so much for your honest reply. Your insight really gave me the boost of confidence I needed to hear! As for my experience level and the calculations I was making, I was landing around the $1k mark as well but I was just unsure if I was over/under selling myself.

The company is revamping their website and they are wanting recipes for it. They want a full recipe and image and then will link to my website. I replied that I would love to provide recipes but this is content that I would normally charge for, so we will see how they respond.

Would you charge the same to syndicate an existing recipe? I am not sure I want to do that with any of my current recipes but I’m curious how you would handle that if you did. Or if that is even a smart idea.

Thanks again, Megan! So helpful!

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Great discussion. Raised my expectations immediately.

I totally agree with @megan. They are gaining so much in terms of quality and product that they will use for a long time to come. I know I commented over on FB so I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but you deserve to be well compensated Katie! Keep us posted!

And yes agree with @Moon - love the frank discussion - thank you for being so frank @ Megan

@Katie $1k is definitely fair! Hopefully the brand doesn’t assume a link back to your site is considered compensation. That’s definitely not enough and you deserve much more than that. Let us know how they respond!

I can’t speak on syndicating existing recipes since I have never done that. I’m hoping someone else chimes in on that!

ps. Thank you for asking about my husband. It has been a very “adventurous” couple of weeks but he is finally out of the hospital and feeling a little bit better. :confetti_ball:

So glad you hubby is doing better @Megan!

Thanks everyone for your helpful replies! I will keep you all posted. My contact is out of office until the 12th! :slight_smile:

I agree with you @LoriMurphy! If we don’t have these discussions, we will never know our value.

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Hi Everyone!

It’s update time!
I put together a pretty amazing proposal (if I do say so myself :joy:) and sent it off to the brand. I was actually very proud of it and the template will be useful in the future. I also did a lot of number crunching and figured what number I would be beyond-happy to work for and figured if I needed to negotiate down, I could and still be happy. My quote ended up a little over the $1k price we mentioned.

They said they would review and get back to me. They left me hanging for over a week so I figured it was a no. I reached back out and they responded, “we don’t have the budget to proceed.”

But honestly, it’s fine! I’m to the point where I know how much time I spend on something like this, the stress involved, and what I feel I am worth. If a brand isn’t willing to pay that, then my time is better spent investing in myself and my own blog.

Also @Megan I really enjoyed the recent podcast episode with Kyleigh from Barley and Sage, I actually had already read through her resources on pricing and it was super helpful in figuring out my own value. That episode only reaffirmed that I am on the right track with my pricing, even if that means hearing “no” sometimes.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful feedback and encouragement! It really gave me the confidence boost that I needed. :heart: On to the next one!


@katie Thank you so much for the update and I’m with you… I see this as a WIN! You figured out your value, presented it and this brand turned out not to be a good fit AND THAT’S OK! Nice work valuing your energy and time, Katie.

I’m so happy you liked Kyleigh’s episode. It was sooo valuable, wasn’t it? It gave us permission to place more value on the work we do.