Prepear users out there?

I’d love to hear thoughts and opinions from people who are using Prepear to get a little extra revenue. We have a few toes in, but haven’t invested a ton of time quite yet. @BethanySmith I happened to see that you recommend Prepear in your show notes, so would love if you’d be willing to share thoughts!

Yes, people will have to listen to the upcoming podcast to hear more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Overall, it seems like the best of all worlds for both food bloggers and the users. I know food bloggers get really frustrated with sites like copymethat…but then I see very few food bloggers asking why users are using that site and doing something about it.

Honestly, food blogger “blogs” have some major usability issues, and a huge one is that there isn’t a logical, easy way to save recipes and come back to them. Some of these other sites/apps allows users to do it, but food bloggers lose at on the ad revenue.

So, Prepear, and idk if there are others like it, actually took the time to make it beneficial for food bloggers by giving them ways to make money too. It’s basically a win-win and both sides should be happy.

I think food bloggers shouldn’t look at it as “another way to make money” but the logical outcome of where the user experience needs to go and this moment in time. I think to stay relevant, food bloggers need to really think through apps like this and make it a cornerstone of what they are about and offering their followers.


@BethanySmith you mentioned in our chat yesterday that it’s possible to promote the use of Prepear with a button in recipe cards. What are some other thoughts about ways to let our blog readers know it’s an option?

Let’s assume that someone wants to be “all in” 'with Prepear…

I think the “save” button on the recipe is great, and a great way to new users involved.

From there, talk about it in your social media, and emails, and blog.

On social I’d spend some time explaining it more and showing people how it works, and such. IG stories would be a great way to do this. Sell it as something that will make the user’s life easier AND they can connect with you and your recipes, and so on.

For email, I might spend an extra blurb a few times talking about it, and then have an extra line at the end of each recipe link or the whole email saying something like, “Don’t forget to save these recipes on Prepear!” or “Follow me on Prepear!”.

On blog posts, it’s a bit more complicated because I’m not a fan of adding something in text where you might someday stop using it, and then need to go edit all your posts. haha, no fun. So, maybe, as well as what’s in the recipe card, use the sidebar to come up with another way you can promote it. Prepear may have something already created, I’m not sure. But any sort of “ad” would be the idea. So either that people can follow you, that they can buy a meal plan, etc.

Just keep hitting people over the head with it :slight_smile: It takes several times of hearing about something like this for it to register for most consumers, and then more times for them to actually download and start using. It also helps that more food bloggers are jumping on board so maybe people will hear about it elsewhere also!

Hope that helps!


Wow, all great recommendations. Thank you! After our chat I reached out to Prepear to see if they’d be interested in a podcast interview and it sounds like they’re up for it. If anyone has specific questions to ask, let me know!


Thanks. I mean, those tips are basically what I think someone should do when promoting anything.

Great, I was going to suggest you have someone from Prepear on! I’m looking forward to listening.

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I’m listening to the podcast and am intrigued by Prepear, so I looked it up. Now I have a question. Does it not take away from your pageviews? It seems that it doesn’t bring the reader back to the website. Am I right? But then, you get paid for each view. As I’m trying to get to Mediavine status, I’m wondering if it would slow the progress. However, if Prepear views are views I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, maybe that’s okay. What are your thoughts on this?

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Hi Cathy!

So my understanding is that if the user is a free member of Prepear that it still pulls up your blog post on one of the screens. That’s how you still get ad revenue (assuming you have ads). I’m assuming that means it counts as a page view.

If they are a paid member, it all happens within the app (but you get a cut of the $ when they use your recipe), so in that situation it wouldn’t count as page views.

That’s all my understanding. Asking then would probably be best! Here’s more of their info:

I think @megan was going to see if she could interview someone from there on her podcast…is that happening???

But, getting away from just a “page views” mentality of monetizing is kinda what I was getting at with talking about this on the podcast though.

For instance, if the app is doing well and you do well on it, could it just replace the income you would have made from ads? And then you’d have a faster-loading and more user-friendly site. And users are getting a better experience through Prepear as they can save recipes, view easily, etc.

I know that’s all easier said than done, and I don’t think enough users are on Prepear yet to make it happen, but just advocating a bit of a mindset shift!

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I’m interviewing Prepear today, actually! Hopefully this episode will clarify everything for you. Stay tuned!

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That’s great Megan!

And @Cathy I think more to your question…yes, at this point I think it would be 99% new views you wouldn’t have otherwise and not draw away from what you’re already doing.

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Thank you, Bethany and Megan! I’m looking forward to the PrePear podcast and will certainly be mulling this all over. I can see how this could be a great thing if it gets big!

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I just got done interviewing Natalie from Prepear and this is something I didn’t know before… They no-index all blogger posts on, so our content on their platform will never outrank content from our blogs.

The episode is packed with great information. I’m excited to get this one out!!


I finally listed to the podcast episode ( and now really think that it’s a super great option for food bloggers. Especially now as we are seeing ad revenue drop, even though we know that more people than ever are cooking/baking at home.