Potato Salad Recipes

Hi everyone - I’m looking for a few more potato salad recipes as part of a rib side dish recipe roundup I am updating. The post gets pretty good traffic as it is but I’ve dropped to low page 1 from a higher slot, looking to regain.

Please include a link and description, and the usual terms apply. (leaving a link gives me permission to use in my post and on social medial; link is do follow).


I have a few favorites - love a good potato salad!

Calabrese Potato Salad - This simple mayo-free Italian potato salad recipe includes fresh & dried oregano, olive oil, & red wine vinegar. A Calabrian family favorite!

Easy Instant Pot Herbed Potato Salad - Quick-cooking baby potatoes and fresh herbs come together in this easy Instant Pot potato salad recipe (stovetop directions included).


In my post on how to boil purple potatoes, I have a recipe for a purple potato salad - Perfectly Boiled Purple Potatoes - Eat Like No One Else


Here is ours to contribute. Thank you for the invite.

I’ve got a couple that might be good!

Red Skin Potato Salad with Bacon
This red skin potato salad recipe has all the good fixings, including bacon, celery, and dill pickle, and is the perfect addition to any lunch or dinner spread.

Instant Pot Potato Salad
This Instant Pot Gluten Free Potato Salad is an easy recipe to make for a crowd, with celery and shallots for a little crunch and a dash of paprika on top.

Here’s a version with the Instant pot!

And here’s another: Green Bean and New Potato Salad - Safe for Picnics - That Skinny Chick

I have two light potato salads that could work well with your rib sides. :slight_smile:

This is one of my fav potato salad: Italian Potato Salad With Green Beans & Red Onions Recipe

Potato Salad with Spring Onions
This potato salad uses fingerling potatoes and has a lovely buttermilk lemon dressing instead of a mayonnaise base.

Potato Salad with Leek Scapes and Herbs
Leek Scapes add great flavor to this potato salad, and it is loaded with fresh herbs!

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Hi! This is my traditional Austrian Potato Salad Recipe with sweet mustard: https://www.vienna-sunday.kitchen/potato-salad/