Posting about major events/politics/etc

What do you guys all do about this? Have you posted anything about the current riots and protests? Personally, I’ve kinda made the decision to keep my business social channels free of any of this, but it also feels like it’s just ignoring this MAJOR thing that’s happening all over this country.

I know some food bloggers, especially on social channels have already created a presence where they do comment on these types of things. It feels hard to fit in if you haven’t already.

I feel like Instagram & Facebook stories are the best place for some of this.

Anyway, want to know what everyone else is doing/thinking.

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I almost always refrain, but I did share just a little today. It honestly feels wrong for me to post my regular content right now so I’m taking a step back for a week or two. I do share more personal things on my feed so it doesn’t feel like too much of a departure to share a little about what I’m feeling (though I try not to share a strong opinion and open up a can of worms :joy:) I am not one that thinks your “silence means you aren’t supportive” like so many people are saying, I think whatever you choose for your brand is fine!


Love this, @Amanda …Silence definitely doesn’t mean a lack of support for everyone. :heart:

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Hey all, I wanted to share what I just sent out in my weekly email on this topic. (And you can subscribe to my list for more awesome weekly content like this!)

:mega: Tips for food bloggers on how to acknowledge the protests

I wanted to write out some thoughts on how food bloggers can acknowledge and address the current political climate here in the US.

Obviously, I’m sending this because of the protests going on across this country around the death of George Floyd, but these principles can be used for any other major political issue or cause.

The goal of protests such as these is to create an environment where the issue at hand can not be ignored . The protests exist to create an environment where EVERYONE has to say or do something, and “not doing anything” is also seen as a response.

And, we’ve reached this point with these current protests.

Prior to this, you likely already had at a stance, knowingly or otherwise on if, when, and how much you involved politics, religion, causes , and so on in your food blogging posts on your blog and on social.

So, for some of you posting and sharing on this topic fits in well with what you’ve already been doing. But, for many of you, it doesn’t.

For the rest of you (and that includes me!), it may be a hard decision about if you want to do/say anything.

There are three options you can take:

  • Business as usual. You keep creating and posting content as normal.
  • Business as mostly normal . You share a post or two on the current topic or make a statement. You adjust some of your posts to acknowledge the issues going on.
  • Business not as usual. You stop posting altogether and/or share a large number of posts related to racism/protests/etc.

At this point, I’d suggest that keeping solely to “business as usual” is not your best option. It’s reached the point where this topic needs to be at minimum acknowledged, and likely addressed. That’s a burden you take on as being a business owner.

There are several reasons why saying something is important as a business owner:

  • Not acknowledging that anything is happening makes you seem out of touch with the reality of the daily lives of your readers/followers. And since food blogging is something where you are daily entering your reader’s kitchens, you want to show you are aware of these major issues.
  • As a business owner, you are a leader and people look to you for guidance, even as a food blogger.
  • You want to control the narrative about your business . Without making some sort of statement or sharing something, you leave it up to your readers/followers to fill in the blank.

What you share or do can still be up to you, and unlike how it feels these past few days on social media, there are many valid ways for you as a food blogger and person to respond.

This shows your readers/followers that you are aware of what’s going on, and you are going through similar struggles that they are. This can look like:

  • State that you don’t know what to say. So, so many people are feeling the same.
  • Change the language on your social posts. If you have posts scheduled or are writing new ones, be sure to adjust the tone, and add additional comments that seem relevant to acknowledge the protests and issues at hand.
  • Share just one or two accounts or posts* on this topic that you find valuable. You don’t need to feel the pressure to keep sharing as many as you can find.

This means commenting on the protests, George Floyd’s death, and similar in a more direct manner.

  • Create a statement. Create a statement to address this current issue. Post to your blog and/or social as you feel appropriate. Look to other larger businesses that share your values to see what they are doing and get guidance from that.
  • Support a charity. Find a charity related to this cause and promote it to your followers.
  • Regular sharing on social media* around this issue.
  • Create written goals. You can write out goals, formally or not where you promise to work towards the issues these protests are addressing. You could even ask your followers to help you stick to them.
  • Create a written policy. You can create a written non-discrimination policy or similar and share that you’ve done so.

I’d love to hear other ideas you have , and I know others would too. So, come over to the Eat Blog Talk forum and join our discussion.

Here for you,

** If you share a post make sure you credit the original creator. If you can’t find where the quote or post came from, just don’t share it. We don’t like people stealing our content, so don’t do it to others. Especially now if your goal is to help give voice to people of color, not crediting them is the opposite of doing that.*

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@BethanySmith I appreciate you writing this up for everyone! This is a tough topic for me because I do NOT mix opinions about hot topics/politics with my business. However, like you said, I feel big issues do need to be acknowledged. I like the word “acknowledged” because it gives us permission to say “Yep! We see what’s happening!” without feeling like we need to share an opinion on the topic.

We have decided to write 2 sentences in upcoming emails that let readers know we acknowledge what’s going on and that we will continue to deliver value in order to maintain a level of normalcy.

I have decided to be silent on social media for a while and I know this is controversial, but this is the right decision for me and my business and I stand behind that. Like @Amanda said, silence doesn’t imply a lack of support. I feel like nothing I post on social media right now feels “right” so I’m just refraining from it all for a few days.

I’d love to hear what others are doing! I don’t think any approach is wrong (as long as it’s respectful and tactful, obviously) because this situation affects us all so differently.

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Here’s what James Clear put at the beginning of his weekly email today. I think this is classy and appropriate!

"Welcome to 3-2-1 Thursday,

For nearly a decade, the central question I have explored through my work is, “How can we live better?” I have always viewed that question as a call for endless improvement and continual growth—not only as individuals, but also as a community.

My preferred approach for continuous improvement is a blend of reflection and action, and that combination seems particularly relevant right now. The protests of the past week have highlighted the importance of reflection—to listen, to read, to question. And the importance of action—to unite, to participate, to discuss.

In that spirit, here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to encourage you to reflect and motivate you to act."

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I believe food blog for the most part, we should avoid politics in general, people enjoy food blogs as a way to escape the everyday, but at the same time there are some incidents you can’t ignore, like what we’re see right now.
I decided to mute my social channels and made it public why and used my stories as a way to promote awareness for this week. It’s the least I can do.