Post Title Growth Strategies

On my way to work today I binged a few of The Blogging Millionaire’s episodes on Post Title Growth Hacks. I found it super interesting, how technical yet simple some of these hacks were!!

Some of the main takeaways I took from the episodes were:

  1. List style posts should have a title that starts with an even number
  2. Post titles optional character count is between 46 and 55 (optimal number 49)
  3. Adding the year in parenthesis at the very end of a blog post title

What are some tips you might have in regards to best post title practices?

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The even number thing is so interesting - I hadn’t heard that before!

I’ve heard adding modifiers like “without” to your titles is helpful. I.e. “chocolate chip scones without buttermilk” is easier to rank for than “chocolate chip scones”.

YEAH!! I have heard that too!!! I have to start testing that out with my posts!!