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By now, most of us have probably heard that we should return to draft any year-old posts that haven’t been viewed in a year. Can anyone please tell me how we find these posts in Analytics? Thanks!

I would be REALLY careful about doing something like this. There is a lot of speculation and advice around this topic right now. Slotting everything to drafts that isn’t getting traffic, I don’t is necessarily the right answer. I think no-indexing is a safer option. Especially if you have internal links or social traffic. You can however find what posts are not receiving traffic in Google Search Console.

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Yes, I should know better. Thanks for the warning! So as I think about deindexing then, is there a way that we can find posts that aren’t getting any traffic from anywhere?

Hi Cathy,

As far as I understand, Google Analytics does not report on pages with zero views. So if your blog post had no page views in the whole year, it simply won’t appear in the list of pages in Google Analytics (Behaviour → Site Content → All pages).

So, one way to identify these pages that are missing from Google Analytics (i.e. pages with zero views) is to compare it with your sitemap using a spreadsheet.

It takes some effort, but it’s relatively easy and free.

This blog post outlines how to do it in the section “Finding web pages with zero pageviews using sitemap.xml”.

Or you can download a list of your post URLs from WordPress and use it instead of the sitemap data to compare it to Google Analytics pages.

Shout if you have questions. :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s interesting and good to know! Thanks for your help.

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