Post ranks #1 in 30 days!

I am using RankIQ and wanted to share how excited I am that my new post is #1 within 30 days. Not all posts reach this right away but it’s so good to see new content climbing up each week.
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This is great, @Ginainga Congratulations!! :raised_hands:

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Congrats! That’s wonderful.

I am thinking about Rank IQ, but I want to know if it will help me when working on updating old posts. I get that I can probably get ideas for stuff to add to old posts, but does it take into action how the blog post has already been performing and what it has been ranking for?

Is there anywhere to enter a link to a post you have done and then have it come back with any data? Or is it just for ideas for posts?

I’ve done something like this. I enter the keyword I am targeting with my existing post, to get ideas for words and phrases to incorporate when I update. It’s based on putting in keywords, not links per se.

That’s great! I’ve had one get to page 1 pretty quickly, hope to match this feat one of these days soon!

I am currently using it to help in updating old posts. You can paste your current post into the optimizer and it will give it a grade. Then it also gives you a list of words to include in the post.

I have found it helpful in helping me structure my posts and in helping to make sure that I am including the right information. I probably won’t renew (just because $50 a month is a big chunk for where I am in my business) but like the foundation that it has given me.

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This is so awesome, Gina! It must feel so good!

@Ginainga This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

Thanks for that info. I might give it a try at least for a month. I am in heavy updating old blog posts.

I hadn’t heard about Rank IQ. I’m going to check it out and get back with results next month. Thanks for the bit and congrats on # 1!
…No free trial.

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I have been using the content optimizer and have turned a couple posts with a score of an F to an A or higher. I tracked the day I posted it and will be looking at how the posts do over the next 30 and 60 days.

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