Podcast & Productivity Session TODAY!

Have you listened to the latest EBT podcast episode? It’s a great one about focus and productivity with @Stateofdinner. I got a lot out of it and thought there were some really good takeaways. If you’ve listened, post one of your big takeaways below!

And bonus - it dovetails perfectly with the productivity session we’re having later today! It’s at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific and I hope people can join in. The Zoom link is in the pinned productivity session post at the top of the forum. See you there!


Can’t wait! Hope to see a lot of you there!

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Taryn, I also loved this episode. It prompted me to write my first every podcast review for Eat. Blog. Talk. As a matter of fact right after that I started cleaning up my work flow and automations in SmartSuite and excited to continue the progress to keep a consistent flow with recipe development and getting the post published. SO MANY STEPS!! :slight_smile:

I’ll need to check out these productivity sessions.


@trufoodlove I think productivity sessions would be right up your alley! We finished the ones for February but if you fill out this survey you can help influence how/when we do it going forward!