Podcast episodes about diversifying income streams

Hey all,

Since Mediavine announced today new requirements to meet their minimum traffic requirements (now 50,000 sessions), I wanted to take the time to share some of the EBT podcast episodes that may help you figure out other ways to monetize your site.

I know changes like this can come as quite a blow to many people.

Maybe getting on Mediavine has been a goal of yours for a while, or maybe you already run ads, but it leaves you wondering what’s becoming of the whole industry.

So, let’s just spin this in a way where we take some extra time to focus on ways to grow and build a food blog in other ways than just ads.

I’m posting some podcast episodes here, but if you have other resources, feel free to share. And @megan, if I missed any, please add them!

(You can listen from the link below or on your favorite podcast player.)

Episode 004
Working with, approaching, pitching and negotiating with brands with Alyssa Brantley

Episode 104
How to create foodie courses with Jason Logsdon

Episode 079
Prepear - a new revenue opportunity for food bloggers with Natalie Monson

Episode 052
Empowering Others on the Entrepreneurial Path (Think and Grow Rich) + Diversifying Your Income as a Blogger with Susie Bulloch

Episode 067
Improve the UX on your blog by adding HEART with Bethany Smith

I had not heard this bad news. I just told someone my goal was 30,000 to get with media vine… I have downloaded these podcast, thanks. I need a weekend at the beach just to get quiet time to listen to all this great content. lol

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hummm, the episodes stop going back at #007. couldn’t find 004 then

HI! Here’s a link to episode 4: https://eatblogtalk.com/alyssab/

thanks, i was on my itunes within my phone app.

@Ginainga @megan

I think most podcast players only load the last 100 episodes. That’s why you can’t fine it on iTunes. But it’s still on the website link Megan posted!

I’m adding a few other episodes that will be helpful right now! Not all of these dive into diversifying, but some are more focused on ways to increase traffic and see quick growth.

Episode 23: Grow and Nurture your Email List with Sara Nelson

Episode 25: Grow your food blog quickly with Karli Bitner

Episode 34: Use Google Search Console to create content your users want with Morgan Wieboldt

Episode 37: Create custom products people will devour with Barbara Hobart

Episode 39: From blogging to business woman with Natalya Drozhzhin

Episode 43: Use Kickstarter to launch a product with Kate Hansen

Episode 54: Improve your Pinterest game with Kate Ahl

Episode 57: Create more space by using systems with Kate Erickson

Episode 58: Time - Your most powerful secret weapon with Megan Porta

Episode 71: Best practices for creating content and reaching new audiences with Sandie Markle

Episode 76: Time management tips to help grow your business with Laura Vanderkam

Episode 78: 20 ways self care can help grow your business with Megan Porta

Episode 84: Grow your blog by tapping into a niche with Deborah Thompson

Episode 87: Working with Contributors with Jessica Formicola

Episode 90: Update old content for organic blog growth with Liz Falcigno

Episode 92: Create a Killer Business Plan with Megan Porta

Episode 93: Expand your brand into the community with Diana Edelman

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Hi @megan!!

Great to be here!

These are great episodes Megan!

Do you have an episode on working with influencer networks? What companies are great to work with? Thanks!


I can vouch for SideChef being an amazing company to work with. @sandieatsidechef can tell you more about their amazing company if you’re interested. You can listen to my episode with Sandie here: https://eatblogtalk.com/sidechef/

@drkarenslee it’s great to have you here! If there are specific influencer networks you are interested in hearing from, let me know!

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@drkarenslee Welcome! I would love to tell you more about how SideChef works with micro-influencers and content creators! Feel free to email me at sandie@sidechef.com anytime :slight_smile:

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Hi @megan I wasn’t thinking of any particular network but wondered what networks bloggers like working with for getting sponsored posts and social shoutouts.

Thanks @megan. I just listened to the podcast and lots of great info. I missed what sidechef pay the blogger for the content. How does the relationship work? Do you give them the content and they load it in the App or do we have to do that? So many questions :slight_smile: :crazy_face: Thanks I’m loving that I found you guys. xx

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With SideChef, it’s about the exposure and connections and expanding your brand. I actually can’t speak fluently on their micro-influencer program, but I know @sandieatsidechef can!

Thanks Megan. :slight_smile:

Hi Jodie!

I’m Sandie at SideChef :slight_smile: Usually, partners license their content onto our platform for greater exposure across a wide array of platforms. We also provide grocery revenue based on shoppable recipe engagement through grocery integration we launched in 2018. As our company has grown opportunities for our partners have grown, although we don’t pay an initial licensing fee for content there are advantages to sharing recipes on SideChef from the start. We are inviting nano and micro-influencers to let us be the first step in publishing outside of your own channels and to grow with us. If you want to know more feel free to email me at sandie@sidechef.com.

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