Podcast Episode #268 - From Part Time to Full Time Business

Hey there!! have you guys listened to Mondays episode on the Eat Blog Talk podcast?? I was so inspired after listening to Megan and Natalya. Going full time as a food blogger is my biggest goal for 2022. So I love hearing others stories on how they were able to get there, and how long it took them!


Who here is planning to go full time this year, or hoping to go full time in the near future? What steps are you taking to make that dream come true???


I would love for this to happen this year too! That is really a goal for me this year too.

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@SavingMealtime YES!!! just got to stay focused and have a plan!

I set a goal to go full time in 2020, and it still hasn’t happened, so I’m working this year on letting go of arbitrary timelines and focusing on what I can control, which is creating great content. The money will start to flow in when it’s meant to. I trust that it will happen and believe that my success is inevitable.


@Renee Love this outlook!!! its nice to have a plan or goal. But we also got to be realistic!! blogging can take time! love that you are focusing on just creating great content, and staying consistent, the rest will happen on it’s own!! I am confident that you will reach your goal sooner than you think!

Yes, I listened to Podcast Episode #268 and want to make my blog a full-time business this year.

I started my blog about eight years ago. Since then, I was laid off, my dad died, I moved to a different city, I had cancer and surgery and have spent a lot of time with my little grandchildren. None of those facts are excuses of why I didn’t make the blog a full-time business.

Now I’m updating old posts with SEO and ready to do this.


Hey @Angie , so sorry to hear about your loss and hardships throughout these past few years. I admire your strength so much, for still wanting to pursue a dream and not giving up on it! Everyone carries their own story, and I am confident that you will achieve big things with your blog!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Thank you so much! I truly am grateful for coming through each hard time. And through each thing I’ve been through, help showed up in amazing ways.

I appreciate your encouragement. Somehow, I will reach the goals I’ve set (and beyond) for my food blog. It’s going to happen. Not sure when or how, but it will.

Happy New Year!

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@Angie LOVE THAT!!! and can’t wait to see more of you here in the forum!!