Podcast Episode #225: Why Working For Free Is Hurting The Food Blogging Industry with Kyleigh Sage

How many times have you worked for free or in exchange for a product but then realized you invested way more than what you received? :frowning:

Kyleigh is the blogger behind Barley and Sage, a food blog focusing on scratch made recipes for the home cook and baker. She started her blog in December 2019 and a short 18 months later, she quit her day job and is now making a 6-figure income from brand partnerships alone.
:handshake:* Just because you can work for free product does not mean you should.
:handshake:* Think ahead a few months when presented with an offer from a brand. Is this going to benefit your business 3 months from now?
:handshake:* Take responsibility and start educating brands about how much work food bloggers put into sponsored projects.
:handshake:* Listen to the episode to learn negotiating and pricing tips, as well as parts of each contract you cannot leave out.

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