Podcast Episode #223: The Responsibility of Food Bloggers To Encourage Sustainable Habits with Marley Goldin

Share a sustainability food tip with us below! :point_down:t4:

Marley is the recipe developer and food photographer behind Marley’s Menu. It is her mission to prove that everyone can make a difference, through small changes that can collectively make a big impact. Food bloggers have a lot of responsibility! They sustain the masses and have an opportunity to educate people about how to be less wasteful in the kitchen.
:green_heart:* Share how to freeze and reheat every recipe you share.
:green_heart:* Create recipes in smaller batches when testing.
:green_heart:* Encourage your audience to make small changes, such as purchasing a compost bin or cleaning out their fridge before everything goes bad.
:green_heart:* Learn how to use all parts of a piece of produce and share about it with your people.

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I try to utilize every part of whatever I am making, so nothing goes to waste.
For example, let’s say I’ve done a roast ham.
I save the bone, so then I will use that to get the ham flavor and the residual meat off of it when making split pea soup, so that I don’t buy more ham to put in Split Pea Soup.
When I see vegetables are starting to be not at their prime, so I cannot use them in food photos etc. then I will make things that it does not matter like gazpacho, pesto, chutney, pureed soups etc.

That’s why I enjoyed this episode. There’s so many ways to use what you have and in various ways but we just have to put it back on our radar so we can be aware. There’s so much vying for our attention, but we can do more to help not waste. I like your suggestions!