Podcast Episode #218: How To Delegate and Build a Team with Neha Mathur

Raise your hand if you are ready to start creating a team, one person at a time to build your blog? :construction_worker_woman:t4:

Neha is the blogger behind Whisk Affair, which receives more than 1 million views a month with all tried and tested recipes and the love from its readers. Something she has learned in her journey is that challenges come along with growth. One of those challenges is how to handle ALL THE WORK. In this episode Neha guides you through how to start delegating and building a solid team.
:wrench:* A lot of this is mindset work. Make the decision to delegate, embrace it and watch your own productivity and growth soar.
:wrench:* Pick 2-3 things you’re good at and hold onto them. Pick 2-3 things you don’t love and start handing them off.
:wrench:* Having resources to help you and your team communicate and stay on track are important.

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