Podcast Episode #217: Buying and Selling Entrepreneurial Sites with Chelsea Clarke

Have you ever thought about selling your blog? Comment below :point_down:t4: what part has you hesitating.

Despite 2020 hitting many businesses hard, Chelsea saw the demand for buying established online businesses rise in various sectors, including food blogging sites. Last year she brokered the sale of more than 50 businesses, generating nearly a half a million in sales and she doesn’t see the demand for online and remote work slowing down in 2021.
:white_check_mark:* If you’ve reached a point of emotional disconnect with your blog, research the option of selling!
:white_check_mark:* Pros and cons of buying and selling a site.
:white_check_mark:* How to determine a price point for your blog.
:white_check_mark:* Logistics are covered in the episode, too!

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