Podcast Episode #216: Go The Extra Inch For Huge Gains with Megan Porta and Lauryn Piemonte

Do you go the extra inch in your business or are you floating through? Share a tip how you shine in gaining an inch in your business below!

This conversation comes from a Clubhouse room recorded on 5/21/21. Inspired by an episode from The Ed Mylett Show, food bloggers discuss the concept of separating from “the pack” in order to make big business gains without a ton of effort.
:space_invader:- Consider doing “extra” during busy seasons to get ahead.
:space_invader:- Squeeze tiny bits of productive work time into your days/weeks.
:space_invader:- Go the extra mile when reaching out to brands or other bloggers (ideas included!).
:space_invader:- Set yourself up for success in small ways to go FAR!

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