Podcast Episode #212: Manage Your Blog Metrics in a Single Spot with Otherboard with Justin Sainton

What’s one pain point in blogging that you’d like to see someone else come up with a solution to? :butterfly:

If you feel like you are spending too much time bouncing from one platform to the next in an attempt to manage your blog metrics, Justin brings a solution to the table! Otherboard is a content management system for Wordpress users that will streamline your business and allow you to track metrics and glean insights from them.
:green_heart:* Otherboard focuses on connecting platforms and providing brilliant insights.
:green_heart:* Track all WP content, Google analytics, Slickstream data as well as insights from social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.
:green_heart:* Take back a few hours of your time each week while Otherboard does the heavy lifting for you!

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