Podcast Episode #211: Cookbook Publishing 101 with Sally Ekus

Raise your hand if you have a dream to traditionally publish a cookbook or have another cookbook on your heart ready to go? :raising_hand_woman:t4:

Sally is the co-owner of the full service culinary agency, The Lisa Ekus Group. From concept to contract, she has brokered more than 150 book deals with many of the top US publishers. In this episode she talks about key points to keep in mind when considering writing and publishing a cookbook.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Do you want to hire an agent? Sally talks through the benefits of doing so.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Do you need a book proposal? You will learn why this is a good idea.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* How do you land on a topic? Listen and learn!
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Most importantly, know that cookbooks take a lot of time and energy so you need to make space for that. It also will likely not make you rich, so have a reason to jump into a project like this.

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