Podcast Episode #209: Turn Menu Planning Into Editorial Planning with Marni Katz

Tell us one tip you’ve found you to help simplify your blogging career. You’re going to learn more from today’s speaker! :100:

Marni believes that life, cooking and blogging should be kept simple. She has found a way to plan her family meals that streamlines her personal life as well as her blogging business. She uses menu planning and editorial planning in tandem, killing two birds with one stone and saving a ton of time and energy.
:point_right:t4:* Try planning by the month! Themes work well, such as Taco Tuesdays and Friday night pizza night.
:point_right:t4:* Review your editorial calendar when planning your family meals and food for gatherings.
:point_right:t4:* There’s no day like today to start simplifying your life. Meal planning will help!

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