Podcast Episode #205: Surrendering to the Journey - How One Blogger Overcame Massive Traffic Loss Overnight with Danielle Fahrenkrug

We’ve all had ups and downs in our blogging journey. Raise your hand if you want some encouragement on how to overcome some of those mountains that pop up? :butterfly:

There are valuable lessons to learn from journeys filled with struggle, loss and disappointment. In this episode, Danielle shares how her overnight traffic (and revenue) loss helped turn her into a more focused and determined entrepreneur.
:butterfly:* Don’t resist the stream! Even when it is challenging, going with the flow is the best way to go.
:butterfly:* If you are experiencing a dip in traffic/revenue, find a different project to focus on!
:butterfly:* This is not always an easy job, but you do need to just keep moving forward… One step at a time.

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