Podcast Episode #204: Take Action and Transform Your Business with Jay Scherr

Do you think you have good habits that help you grow your business? Share 1 tip below to encourage others! :raising_hand_woman:t4:

Jay is a business consultant and podcast host who deeply understands the impact that taking action has both on an individual and a business. In this episode, Jay talks about how we can move past our own limiting beliefs and take control of our businesses in a new powerful way.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Start building a mental map that will uncover potential limiting beliefs.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Use visualization to minimize trauma and magnify dreams.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* Habits and morning routines can have a PROFOUND impact on your business.
:hourglass_flowing_sand:* If you want to play the long game, you have to remember that the magic lies in the ACTION.

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This episode was SO GOOD! I agree with so much of what Jay said, and have been incorporating a lot of it, particularly around routines. For me it aligns a lot with Atomic Habits and habit stacking. @megan this might be a good podcast episode to discuss on Clubhouse!

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I took a lot from it too and appreciated him breaking it down so well. I need to read those books!