Podcast Episode #194: Success Without Being Picture Perfect with Samantha Milner

Is it necessary to have perfect photography for your blog? Comment below with your :+1:t4: or :-1:t4:

Samantha Milner is a six figure food blogger over at RecipeThis.com with her chef husband Dominic. They focus on cooking with kitchen gadgets and their focus is put on the quality of their recipes and not on their photography. Samantha makes a case for not focusing so much on the photos and instead being the approachable “girl next door” to your users.
:camera_flash:* You definitely need quality SOMEWHERE, but it doesn’t have to be in the photos.
:camera_flash:* Experiment with approachable ingredient photos on Pinterest, such as process shots or raw/just-cut ingredients on a cutting board.
:camera_flash:* Be honest, be real, be straightforward and always focus on the user.
:camera_flash:* Most importantly, let go of the notion that it all has to be perfect.

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Another very interesting interview! I really like hearing from a variety of successful bloggers on these podcasts. I feel like a pick up at least one or two good nuggets every time!

I would say this was encouraging for me. My food photos have definitely improved over the years - but even my better ones would probably earn a “B” not an A. My strength is more in the writing, good instructions, creative recipes, etc. So I’m definitely going to check out Samantha’s blog and pinterest feed now!

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@CookingChat I’ve had so many people say to me recently that they’ve been more encouraged by stories like this than quick-success stories.