Podcast Episode #193: Goals That Stick with Amira Sookram

Do you find it difficult to create a goal and then break it down so it’s achieveable? What’s your secret if that isn’t hard for you?

Amira is dedicated to teaching you how to flow through your goals to build a life of ease, instead of always hustling. In this episode she talks about THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of being an entrepreneur: how to maintain physical and mental wellness while achieving goals in your business.
:bangbang:* Consistency is key! Start small and be consistent.
:bangbang:* Follow Amira’s SMARTEY method to ensure goal completion success!
:bangbang:* Behavior, thoughts and feelings are linked, so choose just one to change and the rest will follow.
:bangbang:* Establish the healthy habits outlined here and everything else will fall into place in your business with greater ease.

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