Podcast Episode #189: Optimizing Old Blog Content with Chef Dennis Littley

Bloggers with older content that needs spiffing up - does the thought of adopting an easy process to update old blog content make you ready to tackle the job? :upside_down_face:

Chef Dennis is a food blogger and chef who loves sharing his restaurant-style recipes and helps his friends find the joy of cooking. With a lot of content sitting in his archives, Dennis has come up with a strategy for updating and optimizing existing posts.
:compass:* Start with Google Analytics and figure out which posts are performing well.
:compass:* Come up with a system so updating becomes a habit and somewhat of a mindless task.
:compass:* Do not discount using social media and your email list as ways to allow older content to shine.

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I will definitely check this one out… I posted a question on the topic of updating old posts elsewhere, thought I’d ask it here, too, given the focus on optimizing old content…

I’m getting ready to update an old recipe post with the title “Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Fettuccine”. I cooked this up, so to speak, back when I was paying very little attention to keyword research. I happen to be getting decent traffic by ranking around #4 for a low volume term “fettuccine with asparagus and mushrooms”.

I’m thinking with my update, I should lean into that term and try to get to #1 or at least #2. But at the same time, maybe try to get some decent ranking for something related that is higher volume (there are a number that would make sense that generate 1600/month or so which is a number that I often aim for).

Does it make more sense to prioritize the higher volume term (e.g. reflect it in the updated recipe title) or the one that I already rank well for that I’m trying to nudge up there.

Curious to hear how people think about targeting multiple keywords effectively, strategies for boosting old posts etc. I’m doing a lot of post updating, this is one example to illustrate a general strategy issue I’ve been wondering about.

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Bumping this conversation up since so many people here are doing keyword research and might have good thoughts for you!