Podcast Episode #172: Instagram Growth Strategies for 2021

Comment below: Are you a fan of Instagram or do you find it frustrating? :+1:t4: :-1:t4:

Lexi and Beth are the mom-daughter blogging duo at Crowded Kitchen. They have used a very specific strategy to grow their Instagram account hugely. Lexi dishes about their best secrets inside this episode!
:bomb:* Focus on improving your photography! Lexi gives very specific elements of photography that work on IG.
:bomb:* Make your posts interesting and use a variety of formats (still photos, video, carousels and stop motion video)
:bomb:* There are ways to edit your photos that will increase your chances of getting IG exposure.
:bomb:* Just because IG doesn’t deliver a ton of direct traffic, don’t discount it! There is a ton of value in growing a large following on the platform.

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Great episode! I love Instagram, but it is hard to fit everything in.

I am a little embarrassed that until today, I never used Lightroom. But after listening to the podcast on my run this morning, I decided to jump right in. And I’m already loving the difference I’m seeing in my photos with only a few little tweaks.


Lightroom is a GAME CHANGER! Glad you’re on the LR train. You’re going to love it.

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I just finished hearing the episode! Learning to edit your photos will surely make a difference. Lately, I haven’t been that consistent with my photography, so I’m working on it. But I have noticed that I’m inclined with deep or rich color images and some closeup ones. So it’s time to practice more.

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Yes! Practice practice practice and you will improve quickly!

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Great and Informative.
I found this podcast helpful in terms of increasing the followers. Now i have to share the fancy text on instagram using tools. Suggest the more best tools.

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