Podcast Episode #171: How To Display Carbon Footprint Labels On Your Recipes

Raise your hand if you would be encouraged by some helpful tips about sustainability and helping educate your audience about doing that with recipes they make? :raised_hand:t4:

Since the beginning of lockdown, Matt and his co-founder, Nathan, started My Emissions and have been researching and collecting the average emissions of each food.
:earth_asia:Based on current research, about two-thirds of people claim to be doing “everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint.” However, without clear environmental information it’s hard to reduce the impact of their diet .
:earth_asia:My Emissions provides the first carbon label for food blogs. Like nutritional information, this allows sites to display the carbon footprint of their recipes in a simple and understandable way.

Join us in the episode to learn WHY this information should be in your recipe cards and HOW to implement it.

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I just signed up for my free 20 recipes to see how it all works.

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That’s exciting! I’m curious to see how it works and what it could teach me about how I prepare foods.

Awesome! I’m curious to see what you think @Ginainga …I haven’t signed up yet, but want to check them out.