Podcast Episode #170: Affiliate Marketing That Works

Need encouragement to get into affiliate marketing? Want to earn more income this year to pay some debt off? Show a comment below! :raised_hand:t4:

Out of sheer necessity, Debbie Gartner figured out a way to overcome a massive debt. She dove into affiliate marketing strategies and quickly developed a fresh perspective on blogging. In 3.5 years, she erased a $238K debt! Listen to the episode to find out how!

:money_with_wings:* When you have to do something, you figure out a way to do it, right? Create some self-imposed deadlines!
:money_with_wings:* Take an affiliate marketing course to start.
:money_with_wings:* There is a lot of money to be made through affiliates, but itโ€™s about so much more than that. Itโ€™s just one piece of a large puzzle. Figure out how it fits in with the rest of the pieces!
:money_with_wings:* DIVERSIFY! Donโ€™t just rely on ads or affiliates. Allow some breathing room.

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