Podcast Episode #168: Main Takeaways From 2020 with Megan Porta

With 2020 in our rear view mirror, share below one silver lining with us that you had that was unexpected. :sunny:

Sometimes the most difficult stretches teach us the greatest lessons. 2020 was definitely a year to learn from! Join us in this episode to hear the good parts (from the eyes of a food blogger) that emerged from an otherwise challenging year.
:old_key:* Technology can get us through tough times!
:old_key:* The world needs us! 2020 taught us that food bloggers are important.
:old_key:* It’s not all about you. Or me. It’s about our people.
:old_key:* White space creates safety margins that will protect us.
:old_key:* Diversifying streams of revenue is a good stress reliever!
:old_key:* Being adaptable is VITAL for success.
:old_key:* Listen to the episode to hear the remaining top five 2020 takeaways!

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Megan, your income news!!! That is so, so exciting. At this point, it seems an impossible dream for me to make more than I spend. But you encourage me to keep at it. Again, thank you for all you do for us!

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Thank you @Ginainga !! You WILL get there, I promise. You’re doing all the right things. :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Very helpful podcast! First time I’ve come across it, I’m sure I will be checking it out regularly! Already starting to implement some of Casey’s tips…trying the Yoast FAQ block which I hadn’t used before. I believe Casey said only use one FAQ block per post? But it is Ok to use the block to answer multiple questions? Just wanted to be sure clicking “add question” and answering multiple times isn’t a bad thing! It visually looks like a new block in the editor so wanted to check.

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Hi @CookingChat and WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re finding the podcast helpful!!

The Yoast FAQ block is a new thing to me, too, and yes… Casey said to use only one block per post, but that you should answer between 3-5 questions within each block. Hopefully that makes sense! What you are saying is exactly what you should be doing, it sounds like.

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Thanks for your quick reply @megan ! Just subscribed to the podcast for to keep up with it.

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So glad to hear it! Feel free to use this discussion forum to ask questions. There are a lot of really awesome, supportive people here. Have a great weekend @CookingChat !

@CookingChat I forgot to mention one other thing I learned about Yoast FAQ that I grabbed from Casey outside the podcast episode. Always include an H2 heading above your FAQ block that says something like FAQ ABOUT TOPIC XX.
Scroll down and look just above the recipe card in this post: Baked Cherry Cheesecake with an Almond Flair! - Pip and Ebby

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OK great! I was wondering about that. Surprised the plugin doesn’t start with a prompt for an H2.

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@CookingChat Those were my thoughts exactly!