Podcast Episode #167: SEO Priorities for 2021 with Casey Markee

:raising_hand_woman:t2: Raise your hand if you are familiar with what Page Experience Algorithm is! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Donโ€™t fret if this is not on your radar! Thereโ€™s time to learn! In episode 167, Casey Markee from MediaWyse gives us all the best tips about how to prepare for this algorithm, as well as other SEO priorities to focus on in 2021.

:star2: Web stories: what and why

:star2: Passage Indexing: How it is different from featured snippets

:star2: Best (affordable) options for doing keyword research

:star2: Best practices for blog post optimization

:star2: May 2021 Page Experience Algorithm: What to expect

Go listen to the episode, then come back and comment. Overwhelming? Valuable? Doable? Whatcha think?

As always, you can listen to this episode on your favorite podcast player or read show notes and get a full transcript on our EBT website.


I have listened twice and my 3rd time will be with paper and pen in hand! This is one of my top favorite podcasts so far!!


Yay! @Ginainga So glad you found it so helpful! I recorded (obviously), listened through it after while editing, then read the entire transcript twice and I was still pulling stuff out of it. I highly recommend reading through the transcript on the show notes page. I bet youโ€™ll get even more out of it!

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