Podcast Episode #166: The Endless Opportunities Available to Foodie Creators with Lucy Seligman

:point_down:t4: Name one avenue below that you want to branch out to someday with your foodie passion! :fire:

Lucy’s passion for Japanese food launched her into becoming a foodie creator. She has explored the different avenues available to food bloggers and wants others to be aware of them, as well!
:sparkles:* Find out what your true passion is in the world of food blogging and build from there. Are you passionate about photography? A certain diet or type of food?
:sparkles:* Immerse yourself in that thing and from there, other opportunities will begin appearing before your eyes. Be ready to see them!
:sparkles:* There is so much opportunity available to foodie creators!

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I want to figure out where to spend my time and what the google gods think I’m good at.
Canning is easy for me. I grew up on a dairy farm and that was just a way of life. I’ve also taught classes to groups of ladies. It does pretty good SEO wise.
Also I have a lot of ranking for party menus. That’s more fun to me. Just trying to figure it all out I feel like I’m always jumping around from thing to thing


@Ginainga I’m going to borrow advice @jasonlogsdon and say to start small with one thing that supports those things you’re passionate about. Maybe that is an in-depth post on canning or an email series made for people who want to get started with canning. If your audience loves those offerings, they could be expanded on and evolve into something else. For the party menu idea, put a “quick start guide” email series together! I did something very similar last year and people loved it. I’d be happy to share mine with you if you’d like to see it.

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