Podcast Episode #165: Productivity Hacks To Set You Up For Success

Comment below with where you lose the most time in a day even when you set out to be productive. :point_down:t4:

Megan values working smarter, not harder. She went on a journey of discovering how to do this for herself with the help of podcasters, books and testing her own theories of what she learned. In this episode, she imparts her tricks for reaching an optimal level of productivity as a food blogger and covers the following and more:
:white_check_mark:- Be laser focused.
:white_check_mark:- Implement the β€œlittle” things that will make a big impact!
:white_check_mark:- Consider your environment.
:white_check_mark:- Work CONCENTRATED.
:white_check_mark:- Do not infringe on work times.
:white_check_mark:- Learn to say NO.
:white_check_mark:- Eliminate distractions.
:white_check_mark:- Plan and schedule as much as you possibly can.

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