Podcast Episode #164: Utilizing Underrated Strategies for Quick Blog Growth

Have you learned any hacks or tips that have helped you in growing blog growth? COMMENT BELOW to share!

Laura and her husband grew their Six Hungry Feet food blog quickly by utilizing a few underrated (and very smart) strategies. Inside the episode, Laura shares how they started and how they grew so quickly.

  • Focus on creating quality content and learn the many ways you can offer up content that is packed with quality.
  • Promotional strategies for getting your content SEEN. Don’t underestimate Facebook, Pinterest and the power of your friends!
  • So many more gems are packed inside!

As always, you can listen to this episode on your favorite podcast player or read show notes and get a full transcript on our EBT website.

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I think working on SEO the past year is finally paying off. I had my highest traffic ever in the months of Nov. and Dec. And the core update didn’t seem to hurt my site (which is 10.5 years old).

FYI, most of my posts did not involve any keyword research, so any research was an improvement!!


@liz how awesome that you had your highest traffic year ever! I’m happy to hear this and I’m hoping I’ll be able to say the same one year from now!