Podcast Episode #163: Monetize Your Blog With Ads with Nicole Johnson

Raise your hand if you’re with Mediavine. :wave:t4: COMMENT BELOW and tell us one positive thing about your relationship with your ad manager.

Nicole Johnson works for Mediavine, an ad management company that works closely with food bloggers. She gives her best tips about why having display ads on your blog is a great idea and how you can make that happen.
:sparkles:* Why Mediavine ads are different from the rest.
:sparkles:* What you should expect from a quality ad manager.
:sparkles:* Tips to getting to 50k sessions/month (the threshold for applying to have Mediavine ads on your site).
:sparkles:* Plus some encouraging advice to just keep moving forward and not to get hung up on the numbers!

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Ditto to what Gina said! Someday!!

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