Podcast Episode #154: Replay: Work With Brands to Diversify and Deliver Useful Content Your Audience

:writing_hand:Get out your notepad and pencil - we’ve got a great episode for you to listen to!

This replay episode is from Alyssa from EverydayMaven. She talks to us about working with, approaching, pitching and negotiating with brands You Know and Want to align with.
:sparkles:Employ Alyssa Brantley’s tactic known as the pantry pitch to figure out which brands to reach out to!
:sparkles:Learn how to find a brand’s contact info and know you are talking to the right person.
:sparkles:Stay on top of your deliverables and contract terms in order to develop long-term partnerships.
There’s so many gems :gem: of wisdom she shares - you might have to listen twice!

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