Podcast episode 145: PART 1 OF 2 – Creating a Blog on WordPress From A to Z with Tara Klippert

:boom: In episode 145, Tara from @foodsnfeels talks to us about how to create a blog on Wordpress from A to Z. Actually, this is just part 1 (of 2) because she brought SO MUCH value to the table, so this episode is more like A to N. :laughing:

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the process of creating a blog on Wordpress, this episode is for you! Inside part 1 you will learn:

:star2: Where and how to purchase a domain and find reputable hosting
:star2: Which theme to use
:star2: The difference between pages and posts
:star2: How to set up categories
:star2: Which plugins are most important
And more!

Stay tuned to the second part of this episode where Tara dives into optimizing blog posts, incorporating key phrases into posts and much more!

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