Podcast episode 139: (with VIDEO) What You Can Really Get Done In 10 Hours A Week With Dawn Hansen

In episode 139 I had a chat on VIDEO with the inspiring Dawn from @dawnlovesfood about what she can accomplish in only 10 hours/week. We discuss all of the factors that can affect the amount of work we can do and that plays a role in creating a streamlined business. Dawn brings wisdom, insights, and an inspiring story to the table. Be sure to tune in!

:star2: Experiencing imposter syndrome is normal, but don’t give in to its ugliness!
:star2: Figure out who your people are, what they want from you, and most importantly figure out who YOU are as a brand and a content creator and stay true to that.
:star2: Manage your time and be as efficient as possible in order to get everything done that needs to get done.

Especially if you are 40+ you are going to LOVE this episode! (And be sure to sign up for our 40+ email list!)

You can listen on your favorite podcast player, or watch the video below. You can also find a full transcript and show notes on our website.

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