Podcast episode 135: How to Use Blogging as a Launchpad for Your Next Big Thing with Karista Bennett

(Ack, forget to post this a few days ago!)

:boom: In this INCREDIBLE episode, Karista from @karista_bennett talks us through her journey of leaning into her intuition and experience to know what next step she needs to take. One challenge led to the next and this has continued until she found her true passion, which is writing cookbooks. Learn how you can do this, too! Find that next big thing that is going to fill you up.

:star2: Learn how to navigate those tasks you don’t love.
:star2: Find out how to get started on those big passion projects (because we all know that getting started is the toughest part!).
:star2: There is so much inspiration and awesomeness inside this gem of an episode!

A few favorite quotes from Karista from this episode:
:fire: “The universe brings you things that it wants you to consider.”
:point_right: “Absolutely don’t let anyone tell you no to something you really want to do. If that’s where your heart is, and you feel that’s what you’re meant to do, I say just do it.”

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