Podcast episode 133: Create Gift Guides Your Audience Will Devour

:moneybag: Who here is looking for additional streams of revenue as we head into Q4?? :dollar:

:gift: Have you considered creating gift guides as a new source of revenue? They are a great option, as well as a new way to connect with your audience around the holidays. Listen to episode 133 for tips about how to tap into gift guides as an additional stream of revenue.

:star2: Think about items you love, that fit your brand and that your audience will devour.
:star2: Consider product photos and permissions before putting a guide together.
:star2: Amazon Influencers is a newer program that eliminates the hassle involved with photo permissions. Fill out an application today!
:star2: Remember to publish gift guides well in advance of the holiday or theme in order to give people ample time to shop!

Listen on your favorite podcast player or visit the EBT website for show notes a FULL TRANSCRIPT and audio.

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After having this chat with Bethany about gift guides, I put one together on my blog if anyone wants to take a peek!

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This was such a good episode! And I was wondering how you implemented this - thanks for including this example!


I don’t have a huge following on any of my social media and only just recently got approved for the Amazon Associates program. Is there a way you can do it without being an influencer?

Edit: I just listened to the podcast so I loved the ideas you guys have :slight_smile: I am less then 500 followers on all social media so I am holding off on the influencer, but might try the plugin that you recommend.


Hey @thekitchenandalatte -

Yeah, most of what we talk about for gift guides, you don’t need to be an influencer, it just makes some aspects a bit easier :slight_smile: Right now we are thinking you need to be over 1000 followers on one platform to at least start approval.

Yes, the AAWP plugin? Something like that will really enable you to not only do gift guides but take advantage of Amazon Associates across your site!

There’s also Tasty Links from Food Blogger Pro, although I don’t know what that offers vs. AAWP or similar, but it’s worth looking at also.