Podcast episode 126: Diversify Revenue Streams with Megan Porta

If you are a food blogger and you are tired of the stress revolving around finding predictable revenue, this episode is worth a listen!:ear:

Dive into a few of these ideas for diversifying your revenue streams:

:moneybag: Ad revenue is a no-brainer once you have enough page views, so consider finding a good ad network that can help you out.
:moneybag: Consider diving into ebooks, course creation and affiliate marketing for ways to earn passive income.
:moneybag: Email marketing is not just a great way to connect with your audience. It is also a great way to deliver your products to your audience!
:moneybag: Sponsored work with brands, contributorships and more ideas are waiting for you inside the episode!

Listen on your favorite podcast player or go to our EBT website for show notes and audio!

AND - we are going to spend much of our time coming up in September both on the podcast in our community digging deeper into all sorts of ways to diversify and prepare for the holidays and Q4.

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