Podcast episode 120: Community: The Biggest Game-Changer for Your Blog with Megan Porta and Bethany Smith

:boom: Food bloggers NEED community and connections in order to find success in their businesses!

In this episode @BethanySmith and I talk all about our new community platform AND share how connecting in community has changed our business journey.

:rocket: We are launching the Eat Blog Talk community platform on Tuesday, 8/11/20 to help you get past the loneliness, isolation and overwhelmedness. :hugs:

:old_key:Join us in the community for access to mastermind groups, challenges, resources/service provider directory, exclusive podcast episodes, AMAs and more!

:gift: Join during our launch period in order to take advantage of special bonuses and discounts. (Go to https://eatblogtalk.com/launch)

There is such a huge need for food bloggers to feel connected within a community because without connections, it is really hard to make progress. This platform is going to fill that connection piece of the puzzle and it is packed with value and other awesomeness.

OUR MAIN FOCUS: Helping YOU go from feeling lonely and overwhelmed to connected and confident.