Podcast episode 086: Amanda Spackman on meal planning & prep for at-home bloggers

:broccoli: Do you think of meal prep as something for people who diet? Or a way to bulk up on protein? :poultry_leg:

Our guest in episode 086 shares a game-changing perspective with us! It goes hand in hand with all the advice we’ve been sharing with you on productivity and taking control of your day.

There are many benefits to learning to meal prep and Amanda of @callmebettyblog shares how it impacts more than just getting a meal on the table. Listen in to discover ways you can benefit from prepping and planning your food!

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I have already started implementing some of @Amanda 's advice from her episode and I’m LOVING it! She recommended prepping dinner during times of the day that are not stressful in order to make dinner time less stressful. I’ve done this every day for the past week or so and it has been a game changer!

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This year I’ve been LOVING my slow cooker for that reason. It’s pretty easy to adjust the start time within an hour or two window, so I’m able to get dinner in during some down time. Actually I often do it during the short time I’m home between preschool drop off and pick up…well, back when we actually left the house.

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Truth! Yeah @BethanySmith …slow cookers are so great for prepping ahead! Now we can just sit and watch them cook all day.