Podcast episode 085: Full-time blogging as a husband-wife team with Brian Johnson

We invited Brian Johnson of @crazydadspeaks onto the show today. It’s so fun to hear his story about taking a blog from a hobby his wife started to a full-time business they now run together.

We were :bulb:inspired by Brian’s initiative to take on a main role once his wife became ill. Together they have grown the blog and it’s just one of a couple of blogs they are KILLING with success.

If you are thinking of ways to grow your business with your spouse full-time, Brian does a great job of laying out ways to start the process and how to have a productive plan in place. :clipboard:

You can head over to your podcast player or the Eat Blog Talk website to hear this episode today!

Have you listened to the episode? Tell us your thoughts!

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My favorite takeaway: WRITE UP A BUSINESS PLAN!
Whether you’re wanting a spouse/significant other to join you in business or not, a business plan is a must.

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Did he have a resource for a business plan? What do you think should be included?

I feel like even one that just has basics, like a vision mission/statement and then actually list out how you plan to bring in income is really helpful. I’m not always great at keeping on top of that though!

I know when I first started my business there was a class through the local SBDC (small business development center) that was helpful in putting some of this together.

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Not really a resource for actually creating a plan, but maybe I should record an episode about this! :thinking:

The course I created last month walks through this process of creating visions for your business and then working backward to create goals and action steps.

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I think that’d be an awesome episode! Maybe even some sort of freebie around it, that could entice people into your course!

And for inquiring minds, where would one find out more about this course of yours? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great idea @BethanySmith !

You can find my course here: https://meganportaschool.teachable.com/p/time-for-your-business-to-skyrocket

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