Podcast 094: Create work-life balance with routine and structure with Sarah and Laura

Everyone needs routine and structure for their business when working from home. It’s important to keep yourself from getting burned out and leave time for loved ones, too. Sarah and Laura of @wandercooks join us in Episode 094 to share about how they manage 2 businesses as well as a thriving personal life.

A few tips to keep yourself and your business at the top of your game:

:blossom: Consciously schedule your day with self-care included.
:blossom: Take small breaks throughout the day to help you keep your energy up. Take a walk in the middle of the day and enjoy fresh air.
:blossom: Intentionally get out of your normal workspace on a regular basis for a creative session - whether to brainstorm or problem solve.

Sometimes work becomes hard and it’s no longer enjoyable. Sarah and Laura offer genuine enthusiasm for doing what they do and they offer incredible tips about how to add that joy back into your day. :clap:

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