Poached pears

Wondering if anyone has a recipe using poached pears / for poached pears that I could link to in a post this weekend? (sorry this is last minute…)

I’m sharing a recipe for a pear and almond tart and wanted to link to other recipes that use poached pears! I’d just be including the link, but I’m happy to link on whatever keywords you’d like!

Thanks so much,

I have a single-serving poached pear recipe for you, Maya – thanks for asking and hope you can use it!

Here’s the link:
Single Serving Poached Pear Dessert by Thriving With Less


This is great! Thanks so much for sharing it. I breeze through poaching pears in my recipe, so it’ll be great to give a more in depth recipe!

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Thank you so much, Maya – and I love your blog!! I can’t wait to try your air fryer donut recipe - it looks absolutely divine :heart_eyes:

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I don’t have poached pears, but wanted to share that I looked at “poached pears” 5 times before realizing it didn’t actually say “poached peers.” :joy: :joy: :joy: I was so confused!


That’s so kind of you! Thank you so much :blush:

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Hahaha oh my gosh, I really hope people don’t think that when reading my recipe :joy:

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Most likely not. I’m just delirious today! :grin:

Thank you for nice recipe :heart_eyes: