Pinterest Pin Feedback - Video & Static Image

Hi, everyone. I hope you are all having a great week!

When I joined this forum, Megan gave me a couple of tips to think about when creating pins for Pinterest - thinking about font, color, and visuals.

I recently created a pin with a video on top, some bold font, and a static image at the bottom.

If you all could give me some feedback on the pin that would be much appreciated. Also, what has your experience been with split pins - video and static image?

Here is the link for the pin, I couldn’t upload it as an image because of the file type.

Thanks all!

Pinterest Pizza Egg Roll Pin(Pin on A Drizzle of Delicious Food Blog)

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Ummm wow!!! @ADrizzleOfDelicious I think it looks AMAZING! I’d hire you!

I’ve never done split pins, so I don’t have anything to offer but I’m excited to hear how this one does. Please report back and let us know!

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Megan!! Thank you… I thought I would get you with the cheese :drooling_face:
I will let you know how the video&static pin performs :slight_smile:

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@ADrizzleOfDelicious ALWAYS won over by cheeeeese! :slight_smile: