Pinterest only wants new pins now, oh great!

This is a clip from Mellisa’s email from Blog Clarity. I’m frustrated that Pinterest’s performance has been falling for me and now this! Any thoughts y’all?
Out of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is hands-down the most frustrating. And it wasn’t too long ago, Pinterest said two things that made people even more frustrated:

  1. A new/fresh pin is now defined as a URL + the FIRST pin created for that URL . Previously, each new pin image + URL combination was a new/fresh pin. This is no longer the case.
  2. Pinterest has said they want images to NEW URLs pinned to Pinterest.

First, let’s break down what that means.

1. Fresh/new pins= URL + first pin for that URL. In the past, each time you made a new pin image for a URL (blog post, product, page) and pinned it, that would count as a fresh/new pin. At this point, we already knew Pinterest wanted these fresh/new pins, so content creators started making 10, 25, 50 pins all directing back to the same URL.

Not only was it tons of work (even with templates and a good process), I couldn’t help but think it felt spammy.

Apparently, Pinterest did too. Now, they define in a new pin as the first pin for a particular URL. That means, if you create 5 pins for a blog post and pin them to 5 boards, that’s 25 pins. One new/fresh pin and 24 duplicate pins.

2. Pinterest wants new URLs AND new/fresh pins. New URLs means NEW CONTENT. Like in the old days where people published a gazillion times a week. Pinterest essentially said they want Pinterest to be a place pinners discover new content, so they want content creators to pin new content to their platform.

Combined, this means: Pinterest wants bloggers and biz owners to work really, really hard churning out new content to share on their platform and will give the most search engine juice to a pin the FIRST time it’s pinned to Pinterest.

Um, that sounds like it’s not even worth bothering at this point. But there’s good news!

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